Business Litigation

Business litigation is a special breed of litigation.  It has all the procedures, processes, and complexities of other types of litigation.  But overlaying all of the pleadings, motions, depositions, hearings, and trials, are the business goals of the parties involved.  Gary has more than 35 years of experience working the complexities of litigation in concert with the client’s business needs and goals.

These are a few of the areas of business litigation where Gary has helped clients:


Contract Law

Disputes can arise even if there is a well-drafted, written contract.  In the right hands, those disputes can often be resolved before a lawsuit is filed.  Sometimes, the contract and the parties’ relationship can be saved.  Sometimes, neither can be saved but a mutually acceptable resolution can be reached.  And then sometimes, when all other efforts fail, a lawsuit has to be filed.  Gary is the right attorney to guide you through all of those options, keeping his eye on your long-term goals as he develops the best strategies and tactics to represent you.  He will help you craft the best restructured agreement or settlement agreement possible or, if necessary, provide the best representation before the judge or jury.

Commercial Torts

Gary represents clients in situations where the client is a fraud victim or has been wrongfully accused of fraud.  He also handles claims such as unjustified interference with contracts, unfair and deceptive trade practices, and other similar wrongs.

Real Estate

Gary represents buyers, sellers, and brokers in complex real estate litigation. He has litigated homeowner/condominium association disputes, easement disputes, boundary disputes, and adverse possession claims. He also represents parties in litigation where fraud and non-disclosure has been alleged, handling cases for buyers, sellers, and brokers.

Construction Law

Gary represents owners and contractors in the complex areas of construction lien and construction defect litigation.  The Florda Construction Lien Law has been described in several appellate court opinions as one of the more complex statutes on the books.  Gary started working with construction lien cases while in law school and has handled hundreds of lien and payment disputes since.  If you have a lien claim or are facing a contractor asserting a lien against your property, you want someone with Gary’s experience protecting your interests.


Gary has extensive experience in bankruptcy courts, currently limiting his practice to representing creditors and defending businesses sued by trustees or debtors-in-possession.

Shareholder/Partnership Disputes

One of the most destructive events that can happen to a business is a dispute among that business’s owners. Gary has handled dozens of shareholder or partnership disputes and understands both the legal tactics and remedies available to his clients and the economic factors that make it necessary to handle such disputes deftly.

Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Gary represents both landlords and tenants in lease disputes, whether residential or commercial.  including payment has prepared numerous leases, both commercial and residential, and has handled commercial and residential evictions.

Mortgage Foreclosures

Gary represents both lenders and borrowers in mortgage foreclosure proceedings. Having handled hundreds of foreclosures throughout the state, he is familiar with all the procedures necessary for lenders to realize their collateral, including foreclosure sale and obtaining the appointment of a receiver. Likewise, he is very familiar with the remedies available to borrowers to help them save their homes or businesses.  Defenses available to borrowers include lender liability claims and creditor violations of the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Florida Debt Collection Act (“Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act”).

Collections and Creditors’ Rights

With experience representing both debtors and creditors, Gary helps his clients either collect money that is owed to them or fend off creditors that are pursuing meritless or questioned claims. Further, he helps negotiate and restructure debts for both businesses and individuals.