Practice Areas

Gary focuses his practice on business and real estate law. He provides knowledgeable legal advice to individuals and businesses of all sizes to help them maneuver their way through the complicated legal tangles faced by all businesses, allowing his clients to focus their talents and energies on advancing their business objectives. Gary focuses on understanding a client’s entire circumstance, allowing him to develop legal strategies that are consistent with the client’s overall objectives, not just the task at hand. With input from his clients, Gary always begins with the end in mind. All of his efforts are focused on achieving those ends.

With his strong belief that preventative legal advice is the most efficient means of tackling business issues, Gary’s clients rely on him to assist in many different types of business transactions. From forming corporate entities to drafting and negotiating contracts, Gary helps his clients protect their interests and develop their businesses.

Sometimes, however, litigation is necessary. Gary has extensive trial and appellate experience in business litigation. He brings to litigation a trial attorney’s skills and experience balanced by a business person’s eye towards the ultimate economic objectives. Every strategic and tactical decision is made with the client’s long-term best interests in mind.